Thursday, March 10, 2011

Giving blogging another whirl...

Hmmmm....  this feels vaguely familiar, and yet very new and different, all at the same time. It has been FOREVER since I blogged – and I very much miss having that online diary of everything going on. Some days it seems like the kids will NEVER leave my house and then other days (most days) I feel like they are growing up WAY too quickly – those are the days that I enjoy having a written record of the craziness that comes from raising 2 sons, a daughter, a dog, a cat, a rat, a frog, and 2 goldfish, hahaha. I think we even have plans to add a couple more cats this spring – 1 per kid. Eeek!

Today was very much a day of chaos. It seemed like everything was a joke to the boys – do they ever outgrow the typical potty humor? Every time I turn around, it seems like they are goofing off, wrestling, or telling jokes – the type that earn a raised eyebrow from Mom, LOL. Maybe tomorrow I will use duct tape over their mouths… hmmmmm… maybe I should make this post about the effectiveness of using duct tape in the raising of kids, heehee. Nah, that could only get me in trouble, and the last thing I need is something else that gets me in trouble – I do enough of that most days, anyways. ;-)

 I am knee-deep in trying to pull together the final details of our baseball league’s fundraiser – with not a minute to spare. I think that has added to the feeling of insanity around here. Besides the baseball fundraiser, we have been getting things in order for baseball season.  Ahhhh.. but I am sooo looking forward to baseball season starting. We *live* for this time of year, :-). Shawn will be coaching Cody, and we find out soon who Deuce will have as a coach. *Crossing my fingers for a good team for Deuce* :-) Is that bad of me? *sigh* Well, then, I will just have to be bad. :-D

In the midst of baseball excitement, I have a little ballerina who is excited about getting on stage for her first recital this May. I am REALLY hoping the boys don’t have games the same day as her recital – that would seriously throw a wrench in my schedule. She just loves practicing the steps she learns each week – and as much as I normally do not care for anything girly, I do find the ballerina thing to be adorable. What I really find adorable is when her big brothers help her practice. It’s so funny because they end up sounding like baseball coaches while they are working on the “fairy slide” or “Hickory Dickory Dock” steps. I almost expect Deuce to bring out a coach’s whistle one day, LOL.

Ok… that’s enough for this first attempt at getting back into blogging. :-) I need to try to get some sleep – seems that is one thing I never get enough of. :-) Night!

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