Friday, March 11, 2011

A little lighter now...

Ok, time for a lighter topic, LOL. Though the last topic taught me that if I want a ton of hits to my blog in just a few hours, I should mention controversial topics. What should I handle next? Gay marriage, homeschool versus public school, Senate Bill 5, stay at home mom versus work outside the home moms or chocolate versus vanilla ice cream? Ugh, maybe I should take the hard stuff later – my brain is mush tonight, LOL.
 I am enjoying a relaxing evening tonight – Shawn took Deuce and Cody over to see our friends, Mason and Joe, for a “jam session.” Ok, so even though Mason is Cody’s best friend, Deuce goes to play with Mason and Cody hangs out with Shawn and Joe. We always joke that Cody is a 35 year old man in an 8 year olds body. :-) That makes my son 5 years older than me, but whatever, LOL.  Cody hates video games and typical kids’ toys, but Mason and Deuce love the same things.  Cody would rather work on learning how to play the keyboard and make music with the men.
Abriella is hanging out on the couch – half asleep because it is almost her bedtime.  She likes when all of the guys are out of the house, because she can watch her favorite shows on the big tv.  I don’t watch much tv – except for Glee... I love Glee, LOL – and so I don’t mind letting her have it when she has a chance.  Now, let’s see if she stays awake much longer – she looks pretty wiped. Oooh… Angelina Ballerina just came on – I bet she’ll stay awake long enough to watch that, because she loves all things ballet right now.
At some point, I need to bake four dozen cookies - without eating any of them. Eek!  Maybe I should bake five dozen? I’ll do it while the guys are out of the house *grin.* :-) Our church is baking cookies for a prison ministry, and I am afraid the temptation in my kitchen is going to be far too much for me to handle, heehee.
Ok.. now to get the living room nice and tidy - the mess will drive me batty if it sits for too long. :-)

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